<<Ten beautiful scenes of Nemuro/Lake Furen>>


Lake Furen is a blackish water lake.

It is the entrance of Nemuro and it is known as the lake of swans. It is located at the west ended of the Nemuro Peninsula, and its circumference is 65km.

It is in the Notsuke Furen Hokkaido prefectural Nature Park, and it has huge marshes, forests, woods and sandbanks.

It is known as one of the largest parks in Japan where many swans visit. At Syunkunitai and Lake Furen, you can spot 1/2 of all the kinds of birds in Japan.

The swans stay there from early October to the end of December (before the lake starts to freeze) and from the middle of March to early May.

* Lake Furen It takes 24 minutes by bus on the Attoko Line leaving from the Nemuro Terminal Station next to the JR Nemuro Station.
Please get off at Hakuchoudai center.

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