<<Ten beautiful scenes of Nemuro/Cape Nosappu>>


Cape Nosappu is located at lat. 43°…23°«07 N. and Long. 145°…49°«01 E. It is well know as the most eastern cape in Japan.

The lighthouse standing on the cape was built in 1873. It is the oldest in Hokkaido and the symbol of Cape Nosappu.

You can see the Northern Territories (islands called Kunashiri-tou, Habomai-shotou, Kaigara-jima and Suisho-tou) from the Cape Nosappu.

Around the Cape Nosappu, there are souvenir shops, information centers, reference buildings for the Northern Territories and restaurants. Many tourists visit every year.

There are monuments for activity of restration called °∆Shimanokakehashi and Toudaitou°«. There is a flame on Toudaitou which burns all though the year.

You can see the floats in winter.
* Cape Nosappu It takes 38 minutes by bus on the Nosappu Line leaving from the Nemuro Station Terminal next to the JR Nemuro Station.
Please get off at the Cape Nosappu.

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